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Pub Date 11/07/23 - Paperback

The Manning Girl

The Manning Girl

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"The novel is a quiet but strong tour de force." Marly Swick, author of Evening News: A Novel

1992. Tyler Manning-- high school teacher, part-time farmer, bachelor of 38--is planning his first day of summer vacation when a strange car approaches his Kansas farmhouse. By the time the battered Ford departs, Tyler is holding a three-week-old infant. The baby's father is his estranged brother. Woven throughout the narrative of May Manning's upbringing--assisted by long-time neighbors and school colleagues--is the parallel story of Tyler and his younger brother, the charming but deceitful Mickey Manning. The possibility of Mickey's return haunts Tyler throughout May's childhood. When Mickey does reappear, he brings unexpected danger into their lives. The Manning Girl reimagines George Eliot's 1860 fable, Silas Marner, and places it in a contemporary Midwestern frame, following the girl and her uncle/father from May's unexpected arrival to her 21st year. The Manning Girl explores, with tenderness and humor, the unique situation of a single father, supported by a surprising community.

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