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The Glory Days of Aimee Bonnard

The Glory Days of Aimee Bonnard

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From the bestselling author of Storms of Malhado comes a new historical novel delving into a captivating element of Galveston's past: the world of prostitution.Nobody comes to a brothel seeking a true story. But you will want to learn the truth about Aimée Bonnard, the best-paid woman in Galveston. Formerly known as Yvonne LaCroix, Aimée arrives on the Island in the summer of 1898. She's looking for work in a high-end brothel, but she is also outrunning the consequences of a deadly night in New Orleans - a night in which a rival prostitute lost her life. Mistress of deception, Aimée charms and entices her way into an existence of extravagance and adventure in one of the most exclusive brothels of Galveston. But does the life of a high-end prostitute offer as much freedom as Aimée craves? And will her past catch up with her?

 Befriending artists, architects, merchants, and gamblers, as well as a modest but kind-hearted doctor, Aimée falls in love with Galveston Island and discovers aspects of her own personality that surprise her. As a talented courtesan, her glory days are only just beginning. But a different Aimée surfaces, one that wants things that could stand in the way of her professional success, including allowing herself to fall in love. Meanwhile the past is closing in on her and Aimée will have to choose between the protection of a despotic madam and the uncertainty of taking matters into her own hands.

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