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Pub Date 09/13/22 - Paperback

Secrets in the Mirror

Secrets in the Mirror

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"A coming-of-age psychological thriller that brilliantly portrays how psychological disorders can affect lives and even destroy families ... this captivating story of crime and loyalty will play at readers' emotions as they experience the effects of mental illness on all who come in contact with it." ―Literary Titan (5-star Gold Medal award)

In this award-winning psychological drama about finding self in a dysfunctional family, Secrets In The Mirror grapples with the imperative to save others versus the struggle to save oneself. Gavin tries to salvage his self-esteem from Dad's bullying and from narcissistic abuse by his twin, while Mom resists spousal abuse to assert sanity into the clan. But when Devon gets into drugs and trouble with the Mob, people die. Gavin flees far away to protect himself and his new family, but he can't escape his sociopathic brother, or the Mob. Yet inextricable bonds tie him to Devon, and Gavin vows to rescue his twin from his self-destructive path. But he is warned: You can't save anyone until you save yourself.

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