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Pub Date 08/06/13 - Hardcover - Used

A Brew to a Kill

A Brew to a Kill

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The Village Blend's Muffin Muse coffee truck is all the rage. But a fatal hit-and-run and a shocking death at a food truck-catered wedding give Clare a clue that something bitter is brewing.
Then she opens a bag of imported coffee beans and finds ten pounds of rocks--the kind that will earn you a twenty-year jail sentence. Is her ex-husband and business partner smuggling Brazilian crack? Is her staff now in danger?
To clear up this murky brew, Clare must sweet-talk two federal agents, dupe a drug kingpin, stake out a Dragon Boat festival, and teach a cocky young undercover cop how to pull the perfect espresso--all while keeping herself and her baristas out of hot water.

 Coffee. It can get a girl killed.

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